When embarking on an ambitious building project, you need peace of mind that every element is going to work together and be structurally sound. That's where we come in.

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We provide a structural engineering and property valuation service across a wide range of industries, from commercial and residential to civil and industrial.

We work alongside architects, designers, and geotech engineers to ensure the structural aspects of your project meet all requirements, from seismic requirements and structural integrity to land stability and foundation strength.

We also provide project management and monitoring to ensure construction meets all design and engineering stipulations.

  • Concept design and planning
  • Structural Engineering design and documentation
  • Seismic design and strengthening
  • Bridge and highway structures
  • Foundation design and retaining structures
  • Contract management and construction monitoring
  • Residential, commercial and lifestyle valuations

Property Valuations

Accurate registered valuations are vital for the financing or insurance of any building. Whether you're buying, selling or refinancing, our expert valuers can give you the accuracy and peace of mind you need to proceed with your project. With over 30 years' experience - from residential and lifestyle properties through to commercial and industrial investments - we've got your valuation needs covered.

Earthquake Strengthening

Seismic design is an important part of the design process for buildings in New Zealand and vital for ensuring the safety and longevity of our heritage buildings.


BPL Group have been designing bridges for many years ranging from pedestrian to State Highway bridges.

Medical Buildings

It's essential that medical facilities be safe and structurally sound. We have worked on a variety of medical projects including hospitals, medical centres and veterinary clinics.

Commercial Buildings

We provide structural engineering services for a variety of retail and commercial developments, from unique architectural designs to large scale big-box stores.

Educational Buildings

Our work in the education sector is wide ranging, from model learning environments, connecting of existing teaching spaces, to new multi-storey classroom blocks & gymnasiums.

Industrial Buildings

We enjoy working on an extensive range of large and small scale industrial building projects and the special structural challenges they provide.