iSite Wanganui Building

Project Description

This riverside structure was constructed pre 1910, the earliest records available show that it was originally an iron merchants. Due to the age and structure of the building an investigation was carried out to determine how the building would perform under seismic loads.

The building was sympathetically strengthened to complement its conversion from a warehouse to become the new Wanganui District Council iSite.

A key element in this design was keeping the existing roof trusses and making them a feature in the renovated building. Most of the exterior shape of the building was kept, maintaining windows and doorways where possible.

BPL Group designed the seismic strengthening scheme for this building, working with a local construction company, giving the old warehouse a new lease of life.

Key design features:
  • Structural Steel Framing
  • Roof Bracing
  • Reinforced Concrete Masonry Foundations
  • Existing Timber Trusses
Project Details
  • Categories:
    EQ Strengthening